Project purpose

To develop the set of information materials to demonstrate different advantages and especially the resources savings from the implementation of Office 365 as a cloud service, as compared with the permanent license.


Unwillingness of Kazakh business representatives to use the licensed soft.

What was done

Survey was made among representatives of small and medium business of Kazakhstan. It was revealed that Kazakh companies do not consider the use of licensed software due to the prejudice that it is unaffordable expenses. Herewith, the cost of maintaining IT department, the cost of additional hardware and the loss due to failures and downtime is not considered. So it was decided to make the availability of the cloud service as the main topic of the publication. Economy calculation due to introduction of office 365 was demonstrated for small enterprises (25 people).

Articles were illustrated with infographics and examples from experience of Kazakh companies who implemented Office 365.

Besides information materials, there was the presentation made for Mass Media, resulted in 11 publications on business resources, with general coverage 263 thousand.