Our Agency implemented several projects in PR and internal communications for Baltic and Carlsberg Kazakhstan. One of the most interesting - “Beer Patrol” is the event on social responsibility.

Problem – in Mass Media, there were many accusations against brewers in teenage beer abuse from public and state organizations. “Beer Patrol” is a raid in shops of С category, showed that society as a whole bear responsibility for sale of beer to teenagers. Often, cashiers don’t care who they sell beer. Moreover, teenagers buy beer by adult customers, they are also indifferent to this situation.

Raid was performed within several years, together with Almaty Akimat, Mass Media representatives and opinion leaders.

Result – due to active involvement of Mass Media in “Patrol”, the problem was covered broadly and from different points. With a course of time, number of occasions of beer sold to the teenagers was reduced from 70% to 40%, and in central Almaty district such cases almost disappeared.

Besides “Beer Patrol”, within two years, our Agency was developing the corporate magazine for Carlsberg Kazakhstan.