Media Buying in Kazakhstan, Almaty

Media Buying

Most people see advertisement as creativity, and it’s mainly true. But! What benefits you will get from super genius advertisement, if nobody will see it? Or it’s not seen by those who can buy it?

Together with genius AD the thoroughly planned campaign in Mass Media is needed. Depending on the purpose, target audience, geographical coverage and budget communication channels should be selected – TV, radio, press, outdoor advertisement, Internet.

TV is one of most efficient advertisement channels providing broad coverage. Here, we face the prejudice that TV advertisement is available only with largest budgets. It’s not true. There are possibilities for not large and small budgets at TV advertisement markets. These are spot campaigns in some regions or cable networks, and such formats, as banner advertising, running letters and etc. Our Agency has partnership with National sales houses and separate TV channels in all cities of Kazakhstan.

Radio is a universal advertising channel suitable either for local, low-budget campaigns, or for the large-scale republican ones.

Press – with development of mobile devices, paper press gives way to electronic format, thus, all serious editions have two versions. Switching to e-format happens with the audience under 25 living in large cities.

Paper maintains positions in glossy magazines – upper-middle-income audience still loves to go through the glossy magazines, especially in places, where they should spend time (aircrafts, beauty salons, boutiques, hotels and etc.). 

Magazines of Burda Publish house and regional newspapers still keep high position.

Outdoor advertisement

Outdoor in Kazakhstan is a relatively expensive tool, but with its evident advantage – this type of advertisement can not be ignored. Neither remote control nor mouse can shut off billboards, seniors, brendmauers and other outdoor objects. More about outdoor in Kazakhstan can be found here.

Reklamatrest agency proposes the service on planning and placement of advertisement on all types of carriers and by any budget.

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