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Promotion in the Internet

At present, the world experiences the global media transformation process and we all are not only the witnesses, but also the participants of this process. Internet becomes the main source of news, exchange channel of personal and business information, and development of social networks turns former content consumers into its active creators.

Today, we not only get news from Internet and share it, we create it. We find, copypast, add photos, audio and video files; massive Mass Media open pages in social networks, getting away from traditional format, fashion magazines are replaced by Internet portals, where readers create pages with “looks”.

And that’s not all! Development of transaction technologies broaden possibilities of Internet from source of information to the market with tens of millions of potential clients. We can not ignore Internet as the marketing instrument anymore.

According to TNS, Kazakhstani Internet audience makes up about 6.5 million people, making up almost 50% of people of Kazakhstan 15+. City residents of Kazakhstan aged under 35 are active users of Internet and social networks, preferring Internet to all other Mass Media.

Reklamatrest agency proposes complex solutions on Internet promotion:

  • creating original content for web-sites and social networks
  • banner (media) advertisement in Kaznet on favourable terms
  • social media marketing (smm)
  • web design and creating
  • context advertisement in Google and Yandex
  • search optimization (seo)

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